How to Choose the Best Breast Enhancement Pills

breast enhancement creams

Among various remedies for breast enlargement, breast enhancement pills such as seem to be the most favorable choice as they offer ‘the best of both worlds’: less risky than the old-fashioned surgery, more effective with more affordable price.

As there are so many brands nowadays, one might find it pretty difficult to choose a product that best suits them. Following is some useful tips for you before deciding which one to go for.

1. Find active ingredients

Applicable with not only breast enhancement pills but also everything that can be digested into your body: it is strongly recommended that you have a firm look at the product ingredients. When you find an unusual ingredient or the ones that you may be allergic to, check it up over the Internet or ask your personal doctor before taking it.

Some common ingredients of breast enhancement pills are Dong Quai, fennel seeds, blessed thistle, bovine ovary extract, and saw palmetto.

2. Check for safety

Beside the Date of Expiration, there is one more thing you have to beware of: the presence of guarantee of safety signs. Many trustworthy brands today have a sign indicating that they have been fully tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If the sign is missing, it’s recommended that you ask your doctor for more advices.

3. Have a look at others’ feedback

People that already experienced the products are the best ones to ask. By reading through their feedback, you can have a quick summary about the product quality and effectiveness. However, please also know that their ideas are just for reference as a product might work best with them but has no effects on you.

Better Diet for Better Breasts

Thanks to the advent of breast enhancement pills and creams, women now have many great ways to improve their breasts without undergoing any risky and expensive surgery. Many breast enhancement products today are really safe, affordable and effective. However, if you still don’t want to take them for some specific reasons, there also are many natural alternatives for you, for example: changing the way you eat.

food pyramid

Eat more estrogen

Have you ever heard of estrogen? Estrogen is a very important female hormone that plays a vital role in enhancing, developing and shaping breast curves. Research also shows that estrogen help increase skin thickness. To achieve bigger and firmer breasts, a healthy diet with estrogen is A MUST.

Estrogen can be found in:

– Fruits: cherries, apples, and plums.

– Seeds: fennel, flax, and sunflower.

– Grains: rice and barley.

– Vegetables: carrots, beets, and cucumbers.

– Herbs and spices: parsley and garlic.

You may notice some considerable enhancement after 3 to 6 months of consuming high-estrogen food. However, don’t impatiently eat too much estrogen in an effort to boost the effect since going over estrogen intake might lead to unexpected side effects.

Eat more phytoestrogen

Phytoestrogen is another female hormone that functions like estrogen. The positive difference is that phytoestrogen gives less risk in cancer and side effects in case of being overtaken. Foods that are high in phytoestrogen include:

– Beverages: red wine, white wine, green tea.

– Vegetables: garlics, collards, and beans.

– Fruits: strawberries, watermelons, and peaches.

Eat foods that contain good fat

As you might already know, breasts are mainly composed of fat. Eating foods that are high in good fat will help you to get bigger breasts within months. Some recommended foods are: avocado, seafood, nuts, and almonds.